Jason Bissey joined Xerimis’ quality control unit in 2005. He became Director of Quality Assurance in 2010 and was promoted to Senior Director of Quality Assurance in 2022. He has proven instrumental to Xerimis’ continued efforts of ensuring that Xerimis Quality Systems are in the highest state of control and provide a high level of compliance. Jason and his team understand the need for the quality group to be responsive and diligent on behalf of clients, assuring that clinical supplies are packaged and distributed in a way that is consistent with the study requirements. Jason has been instrumental in setting up the Quality Systems at Xerimis’ UK facility and ensuring a successful inspection by the MHRA. Under Jason’s guidance, the US and UK Quality Systems are consistently reviewed with improvements and technology, integrating in a manner that enhances and promotes quality at Xerimis.

Jason’s adherence to hands-on monitoring allows him and his team to diagnose issues efficiently and attentively, allowing maximum time for response. He values the attention to detail required to both create and assess every packaging element created within Xerimis’ walls. Jason is ASQ CQA certified and serves as lead Auditor for Xerimis.

Prior to Xerimis Inc., Jason worked at Osteotech, Inc. in Eatontown, New Jersey, where he developed knowledge in aseptic processing and the execution of aseptic techniques. He holds a BA in Biology from Rutgers University.

Jason is a member of ASQ (American Society for Quality).