Phase 3

Phase 3 studies are randomized controlled multicenter trials on large patient groups (300–3,000 or more depending upon the disease/medical condition studied) and are aimed at being the definitive assessment of how effective the drug is.

Packaging Supply Management

In the early planning stages of a Phase 3 study, we consult with our clients to determine which countries may be participating to avoid costly and time consuming changes mid-trial. Our team manages your timelines to ensure that study starts aren’t delayed.

Translation Services

We offer full translation services through an approved vendor so that our clients can rest assured that all regulatory concerns are met and all content is accurate.

IWRS/IVRS Consultation

We work with IVR companies to clearly define our role, determine threshold levels, and we propose how to set-up the IVR to ensure that projects run smoothly once the study starts.

Supply Chain Management

Xerimis has dedicated Distribution Project Managers who oversee the logistics required for your Phase 3 study and ensure seamless and dependable service throughout the duration. Our team monitors inventory levels globally so that packaging is performed at the right time.

Depot Management

Xerimis has a global distribution network of GMP/GDP compliant depots to provide worldwide storage and distribution services. We monitor inventory levels at depots across the globe and resupply in a timely manner so there is no interruption of global supplies.