About Us

Clients across the pharmaceutical and biotech industries rely on Xerimis as their clinical supply partner.

Global Distribution with a Personal Approach

Xerimis is a privately held, specialized company providing customized clinical packaging services on a global basis. Serving pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical research organizations of all sizes and for each phase of clinical development, Xerimis holds true to the traditional approach of building long-term relationships with clients. Whether clients are currently working on an initial Phase I trial or are in the midst of pivotal Phase III studies, we recognize that each trial is critical and we provide outstanding service and responsiveness to clients so that timelines are met or exceeded.

We believe in combining deep industry knowledge with unmatched personal service. We are a critical asset to clients who are navigating the complexities of product development and approval, and our partners are at peace knowing they are in the hands of true professionals.

Experience Matters

We’ve been operating for over 20 years, but our real story began long before when Simirex was founded in 1988. As one of the first companies in this space, we’ve seen the industry grow, change, and change again. Through it all has been our commitment to our team, our clients, and our clients’ projects. It’s no wonder that 20 years later, Xerimis still retains many of the clients from the day we first opened our doors, and those clients are serviced by many of the same team members who were with us at the very beginning.

Founded on Strong Roots

Industry veteran Peter Bernardo, PhD, founded Xerimis in 2001. Our goal then was the same as it is today: we make it easier for life-changing drugs to get to those who need them. Our packaging-related services span every stage of clinical development. From Phase I trials to pivotal Phase III studies, we’re always on time, always with you, and always with your trial’s success front and center.

Focused strictly on clinical packaging, our commitment to quality, reliability, service and responsiveness enables our clients to succeed and excel.