Labeling & Packaging

Leverage our experience with thousands of trials

Packaging and labeling solutions

Outcomes of trials hinge on packaging and labeling compliance across all phases. We’ve spearheaded and overseen the design and implementation of thousands of studies worldwide. We’ve delivered primary and secondary packaging – including labels and accompanying literature – that meet trial requirements while keeping budget and timeline front and center.

For samples of our labeling capabilities, you can download our label booklet here.

Highlights of Xerimis’ packaging services include:

  • Customized kits designed for compliance, quality and storage ease
  • On-demand labeling for drug supply flexibility
  • Staggered packaging runs scheduled to accommodate drug supply and time constraints
  • Large packaging runs that lower costs when drug supply and patient recruitment is high
  • Expedited packaging runs in the event of last-minute demands

Primary Packaging

Working with you, we’ll develop the appropriate package and label for your drug. Our automated in-house machinery takes care of the rest. Blister pack or bottle, large or small, we develop a plan that is efficient and cost-effective.

We offer the following primary packing operations:

  • Thermoform blister packaging (Aclar®)
  • Cold-form blister packaging – Alu/Alu
  • Automated bottle filling
  • On-demand bottle filling

Secondary Packaging and Labeling

Xerimis’ secondary packaging capabilities, which include label design and printing, span all dosage forms and condition needs:

  • Stability packaging
  • Parenteral labeling
  • Device labeling
  • Sachet/pouch labeling
  • De-labeling and re-labeling
  • Expiry date extension labeling
  • Cold room labeling (refrigerated and frozen)
  • Custom-designed blister card assembly
  • Ancillary kit labeling and assembly
  • Child-resistant and senior-friendly packaging

Our labeling services are customizable and comprehensive:

  • In-house label production for thousands of labels
  • Label text generation for client review and approval
  • Single and multiple panel labels
  • Double blind labels
  • Customized colored labels
  • Masking/blinding labels
  • Temperature sensitive label stock
  • Multi-language printing capabilities
  • Thermoform & laser printing capabilities
  • Translation services
  • Printing and assembly of disclosure envelopes
  • Sourcing of randomization lists
  • Printing and assembly of Instructions for Use manual