Netherlands Site

Xerimis is proud to offer a mainland Europe solution for clients to ensure no study is interrupted due to Brexit, utilizing our Xerimis BV services in the Netherlands.

Xerimis BV holds an MIA license and partners with a third-party logistics provider for GMP storage and distribution services within the EU.   Our QPs are closely aligned with our UK site and UK QP operations. This allows Xerimis to provide clients with harmonized QP services to prepare and address any Brexit related issues.

QP Services

  • QP Declaration
  • QP Batch Release/Certification
  • Site Audits


  • Temperature Controlled Storage (15-25°C, 2-8°C)
  • Distribution to the EU & ROW
  • Expiry Update Labeling
  • Just-In Time Labeling
  • Real-time Inventories via Client Portals
  • Returns & Accountability
  • Destruction