Warehousing & Storage

Storage and monitoring for drugs of any specification

Trial drug handling requires specialized facilities, impeccable care, and reliability and expertise only gained through years of experience.

Xerimis’ secure warehousing and storage facilities are monitored 24-hours with controlled storage climates ranging from ultra low frozen (-70º C) to room temperature as well as refrigerated and frozen packaging environments. Our facilities are compliant in the United States and the United Kingdom and feature:

  • Validated and dedicated temperature storage areas for drugs, their components and ancillary materials
  • 24/7 alarmed monitoring of all products and temperature ranges
  • Security-enabled, limited access storage
  • DEA Schedule III-V warehouse space
  • Full emergency backup generators
  • Two primary packaging rooms
  • Nine secondary packaging rooms
  • Gowning, warehousing, and inspection areas
  • 24/7 client portal access through xerimis.com