Warehousing & Storage

Storage and monitoring for drugs of any specification

Clinical trial drugs require specialized facilities for storage and monitoring.

Xerimis’ secure warehousing and storage facilities are monitored 24-hours daily. Our storage climates range from ultra-low frozen to controlled room temperature. In addition, we can package and label temperature-sensitive drug in refrigerated and frozen environments, ensuring no excursion occurs between packaging and storage (or vice versa).

Our GMP-compliant facilities in the US and UK feature:

  • Validated and dedicated temperature storage areas for drugs, components, and ancillary materials
  • 24/7 alarmed monitoring of all products and temperature ranges
  • Storage for ultra-low frozen (-70° C), frozen (-20° C), refrigerated (2° to 8° C), and controlled room temperature (15° to 25° C)
  • Security-enabled, limited-access storage
  • DEA Schedule III-V warehouse space
  • Full emergency backup generators
  • Primary packaging rooms
  • Secondary packaging rooms
  • Gowning, warehousing, and inspection areas
  • Web-based access to real-time inventory levels