Xerimis: Proudly Celebrating 20 Years in Clinical Supplies

It started with business plans that took a surprising turn in order to serve a highly specialized industry. Here’s a brief look at the history of Xerimis, what makes us unique, and how we’ve evolved over the years.

How the Story Begins

After working 20 years in pharmaceutical R&D, Peter Bernardo, PhD, made the decision to open his own company. He and his wife, Loretta, who worked as an RN, established their first company, Simirex. Originally they planned to focus on the generic drug industry. (They coined Simirex from the phrase, “similar to Rx.”) However, a growing trend in outsourced clinical supply services caught Peter and Loretta’s attention.

Drug innovators were increasingly looking to contract their packaging and distribution for clinical trials. The couple reconsidered their original plan and decided to establish Simirex as a clinical packaging organization instead.

The company took off quickly, bringing on pharma, biotech, and research organizations as clients. During the company’s growth, Peter and Loretta successfully opened Simirex Europe in 1996.

Hello, Xerimis

Looking to fold clinical packaging into their business portfolio, mega-CRO Quintiles Transnational Corp. purchased the Simirex companies in 1998. Peter and Loretta’s desire to support pharmaceutical innovation continued, however, and so they founded Xerimis Inc. in 2001. Xerimis may be Simirex spelled backwards, but forward is the only direction this company has ever moved.

Since 2001, Xerimis has helped bridge the gap between drug development and clinical trial patients. We provide customized solutions for clinical packaging and global distribution. At the end of the day, we make it easier for clients to bring life-changing drugs to those who need them.

It’s not just the well-rounded operational capabilities that make Xerimis unique. It’s our Project Managers, knowledgeable in clinical trial procedures and regulations. It’s our experience in customizing solutions for all types of product. It’s our tradition of building relationships with clients that last many years. It’s our core values of quality, flexibility, reliability, and responsiveness. We understand the effort and investment that goes into developing a new drug, and we honor our role in each study we support.

The Same, But Different

Now led by Carol Sue Bernardo, daughter of Peter and Loretta, Xerimis continues to meet the ever-growing needs of clients with the same dedication as always. Our capabilities and expertise have adapted over the past 20 years in response to changes across the industry and global politics. We opened new facilities in the United Kingdom and in the Netherlands. We established a network of partner depots throughout the world, enabling us to reach patients on a truly global scale. We quadrupled our cold-storage capacity at headquarters, and we expanded into a second warehouse on the premises.

Clinical trials can fail if drug supply is unavailable, improperly packaged, or distributed incorrectly. Xerimis helps each client circumvent these pitfalls. No matter what size or phase of study, we’re equipped and motivated to keep it moving forward. Client success is our goal, same as always.

Thank You

As we mark our 20th year in business, we want to thank our team, our clients, and our vendors who have been with us since the beginning. Your support helped propel Xerimis to new heights as a global clinical packaging organization. You’ve played an integral role in our story, and we value each of you like extended members of our family. As the next decade unfolds for Xerimis, we look forward to our continued partnerships with you.