Xerimis Partners With Area Europe on State-of-the-Art Facility in the Netherlands

We’re thrilled to be working alongside Area Europe, a UK-based construction firm specializing in workplaces, on the design and fit-out of our environmentally sustainable facility in the Netherlands. The 45,000-square-foot site marks the new location for our next global depot, enabling us to increase operations in alignment with the growing needs of our clients.

Xerimis has been helping clients run worldwide clinical trials for the past two decades. In 2016, we elevated our global capabilities by opening our packaging and distribution facility in Theale, United Kingdom. Area successfully designed and delivered that facility. In 2021, with our next major expansion unfolding in the Netherlands, we turned to Area once again. This was an easy choice given their understanding of our business and their knowledge of European workplace culture.

Opening a new facility in the Netherlands will give our clients three tremendous benefits:

  • Easier entry for clinical supplies into mainland Europe since the completion of Brexit in December 2020.
  • Increased storage and service capabilities for investigational drugs, including those with specific temperature requirements.
  • Continued advantage of Xerimis’ commitment to quality, flexibility, reliability, and responsiveness — our core values.

A new benchmark for future workplace transformation

Located within minutes of Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam, the new facility sets a benchmark for future workplace transformation. Workspaces were strategically designed to provide flexibility for different types of work to be performed. While remaining consistent with our brand identity, site design was influenced by Dutch culture and workplace expectations.

An intensive six-month design phase took place with Area’s team guiding us through a comprehensive feasibility study and schematic development. With a focus on process workflow, we created a floor plan positioning certain functions in adjacency to others, optimizing space and flow while adhering to strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. We also organized and tested heavy equipment in the space to ensure functionality and compatibility with the design. In addition, we constructed a mezzanine to support workflow and future development.

“This monumental expansion comes on the heels of several years of growth for our company,” says Jim LoCascio, Vice President, Global Business and Strategic Development. It also positions Xerimis well for the expected uptick in clinical research throughout Europe, following the recent launch of the EU Clinical Trials Regulation. Furthermore, as pharma and biotech increasingly expand into new treatments requiring specialized temperature control, the facility is scaled to meet these needs.

Driven by innovation, integration, and sustainability

The site is the result of two new warehouse units integrated into one production and warehouse facility. Designed to create harmony between functions, directional guidelines show the path to changing room and shower amenities, canteen, front offices, and meeting suites. Natural materials are used throughout, with matte black metal detailing seen in joinery, glazing, and feature staircase hardware. Xerimis brand color accents the space through soft furnishings and artwork. Separate air handling systems were built into the scheme for the clinical packaging, labeling, and storage areas.

On the production floor, modular ultra-cold units provide conditions required for temperature-sensitive drug storage as low as -80° C. The walk-in freezer offers abundant shelving for product storage with ample space for manoeuvring pallet jacks, and the walk-in refrigerator — large enough to drive in and operate forklifts — can accommodate over 350 pallets. The site is equipped with advanced temperature monitoring and backup systems to ensure consistent climate for inventory protection.

With significant power required to run the site, we’ve been focused on sustainable and efficient energy since early in the design stages. We leased the building’s roof and installed a solar array that will generate over 200 kVA of electricity. This solution is supported by a backup battery system, with redundant power provided by backup generators and grid electricity.

Area has been onsite since October 2021 and will carry this landmark project to completion by May 2022. “Distance has been no obstacle,” says Lee Day, Director of European Projects at Area. “Despite COVID-19 travel restrictions, we have worked collaboratively with Xerimis NL, UK, and US-based project teams to co-create this state-of-the-art facility. We are very proud to be supporting Xerimis’ growth strategy in line with the intricacies of local codes, statutory requirements and regulations.”

We’re grateful for our partnership with Area. They’ve done a remarkable job steering our construction and designing a facility bespoke to our unique business. We look forward to opening our Netherlands depot later this year.