Xerimis Coronavirus Planning Measures

Xerimis is committed to the safety of our clients, patients, and own team members while we continue to ensure that your clinical supplies are packaged, dispatched and delivered with minimal disruption.

Xerimis operates under GMPs and as such we have existing policies and procedures in place for ensuring clean environments, proper hygiene by all employees and have a written plan in place should a pandemic crisis occur. In addition, we are also following recommendations provided to the public by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) regarding the coronavirus.

Xerimis will continue to monitor communications and statements from our approved couriers that may impact their services in specific geographic locations. In turn, we will directly notify our clients of any potential impact to their shipping lanes or if any shipment request is unable to be completed due to government-imposed travel restrictions. Currently there are no restrictions on shipments within the United States and Canada. Globally, there are restrictions to specific geographical areas within countries such as China, Italy, Iran and South Korea; however, there has been no impact to ongoing shipments from Xerimis locations to date. The likelihood of disruption to other geographical areas cannot be ruled out only passenger travel is more likely to be impacted than the approved couriers we use. This is a dynamic situation and as such the information or restriction may be subject to change without notice. Xerimis will endeavor to ensure clients that may be impacted by such restrictions are notified as early as possible.