Thank you to our team and our vendors

As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 virus and its impacts, I wanted to take a moment to extend a thank you to our team and our vendors. The past weeks have been challenging for everyone around the world, but amidst those challenges, we’ve truly seen the best in all of us and what we’re all capable of together.

To our team, your commitment to our work has been an inspiration. You’ve modified processes and taken time away from family to ensure that critical trials continue to happen. You know the importance of the work we’re doing, and you know the impact it can have on the entire world.

To our vendors, none of this would be possible without the critical role you play in the supply chain. Cartons and bottles are being produced, temperature-controlled shipments maintained, and courier services are delivering. You each play an essential role in the clinical trial process, and we thank you.

We know that the future will bring its own challenges, but I feel optimistic having seen what we’ve been able to achieve over these past weeks. Thank you for dedication and hard work, and commitment to making a difference.

Carol Sue Bernardo
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director