Carol Sue Bernardo Named Chief Executive Officer of Xerimis Inc.

Xerimis Inc. is proud to announce that Carol Sue Bernardo, Executive Vice President, has been named Chief Executive Officer. In her new position, Carol Sue will be responsible for overseeing the execution of all company services, ranging from proposal development to distribution and accountability of clinical trial materials.

Carol Sue will continue to focus the company on building a relationship-based business that exceeds client expectations of service and dependability.

“My guiding philosophy is to facilitate outstanding service to our clients that surpasses their expectations and demonstrates our excellence within the clinical supply field.”

Carol Sue’s experience at Xerimis spans all facets of the company. She started in the packaging rooms, advanced to the role of Vice President of Operations, and finally was promoted to Executive Vice President in 2012.

In her new role as CEO, Carol Sue will be tasked with continuing to further the strategic growth of the company within a dynamic and ever-evolving industry. Under her leadership, Xerimis Inc. will continue to operate in accordance with the core values of its founders, Peter and Loretta Bernardo: communication, quality, and responsiveness.

“I am excited and energized by the new position that I am assuming at Xerimis, and I look forward to being a part of the future of this company as we redefine Clinical Packaging and Distribution and bring it to new heights of excellence.”

Prior to joining Xerimis Inc. in 2004, Carol Sue held the position of Director of Clinical Programs at Skill Builders Occupational Therapy Private Practice in Annandale Virginia, and before that held the position of Director of Early Intervention Services for the ARC of Centre County, PA.

Carol Sue holds a BA in Economics from Denison University, a MEd in Special Education from The Pennsylvania State University, an MA in Occupational Therapy from University of Southern California, and a Certificate in Sensory Integration from University of Southern California. Carol Sue is a member of the DIA, ISPE and AAPS.

Xerimis Inc. is a privately held, specialized company providing customized clinical packaging services on a global basis. Serving pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical research organizations of all sizes and for each phase of clinical development, Xerimis Inc. holds true to the traditional approach of building long-term relationships with clients. Whether clients are currently working on an initial Phase I trial, or are in the midst of pivotal Phase III studies, Xerimis Inc. recognizes that each trial is critical and provides outstanding service and responsiveness to clients so that timelines are met or exceeded.