Put to the Test: Flexibility in the Pandemic Age

These are unprecedented times in our industry. The immediate need for COVID-19 treatment and vaccine has created a clinical trials scenario that would’ve been unthinkable just six months ago. Vaccine development typically takes 10-15 years. Yet reports indicate that it took about eight weeks from first receiving the Coronavirus in labs to the first dosing of a test vaccine. Nearly every pharma company examined their commercial and clinical lines to find treatment potential that could help provide relief for the growing number of COVID patients. Now the world eagerly awaits news for effective treatments and ideally a vaccine.

Hundreds of pharma companies are racing to identify treatments and vaccine for COVID-19. As early as February, Xerimis saw requests for packaging as COVID-focused trials began in earnest. These COVID studies moved though our system—from formal quote to packaged supplies—at a rapid pace unlike any before.

Flexibility and speed have been core tenets of Xerimis since our beginnings in 2001. We’ve proven that agility in clinical packaging, along with a commitment to quality, make a successful combination for meeting timelines and FPI for all studies. Following this model positions us to deliver in a high-pressure scenario marked by both volume and urgency.

The COVID-19 pandemic has tested our abilities and shown that Xerimis was built for responsiveness and urgency. Thanks to our well-established systems and experienced team, we’ve been able to turn around quotes for COVID-related projects in under 24 hours. Standard Xerimis quote turnaround time is 5 business days, while the industry standard is 2 to 3 weeks. More importantly, Xerimis has been able to facilitate contracts, supplies, packaging, labeling, batch record review and approval, release, and shipment in record time without compromising quality.

Several sponsor companies of COVID-vaccine trials selected Xerimis as their partner based on our reputation and responsiveness. We were also able to support sponsor companies who required quicker turnaround of their supplies than they would receive from a large vendor. They transferred supplies to Xerimis and we provided faster, more flexible service.

During this global crisis, we’ve been able to maintain our existing client studies to ensure no patient goes without supplies, while also meeting the demand for new and urgent COVID studies. We’ve kept true to our core values of flexibility, quality, and responsiveness. Xerimis is proud to be part of this race, providing critically needed clinical trial materials to patients for COVID-treatments and vaccine.