How Auditors Benefit From Our Cloud-Based Quality System

Last year, Xerimis upgraded to ZenQMS, a cloud-based quality management system. For all of its benefits, cloud-based technology is still surprisingly rare among quality systems in clinical trial packaging. As such, next-generation ZenQMS has been well received by a population we work with all the time: our clients’ auditors.

Auditors have grown accustomed to electronic setups that require them onsite, at a company’s computer, to access the documents necessary to perform a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audit. Sometimes a company representative is appointed to supervise this process, standing in the room, or even helming the computer, ensuring the auditor accesses only the information needed. With Xerimis and ZenQMS, auditors are given much more autonomy via a secure, customizable portal. They can access their password-protected account from any browser, anywhere in the world. This translates to less time onsite at our facilities, system access free of a company liaison, and freedom from the hassle of downloading software or procuring a software-enabled device.

To further improve the user experience, Xerimis offers auditors a customized navigation guide, letting them easily locate the documents they’re looking for once they’re logged in.

Auditors’ goals are clear and critical: To perform a mandated Good Manufacturing Practices audit of Xerimis before a client or prospective client can entrust us with new or reoccurring work.

When an audit is free of logistical challenges, all parties win. With ZenQMS, Xerimis audits are uniquely efficient, offering an easier process for everyone involved.